Getting Started

Initial Evaluation
For children & adolescents, Dr. Procacci will use the first sessions to assess the physical, biological, developmental, emotional, cognitive, educational, family, peer, and social components of the presenting problem. This might include interviewing siblings, caregivers, teachers, school counselors, and other involved healthcare providers. In collaboration with the child or adolescent's parents, Dr. Procacci will design an individualized assessment and/or treatment plan.
For adults, Dr. Procacci will conduct a clinical interview during the first sessions to assess the biological, psychological, social, and emotional components of the presenting problem. With the client's consent, she will also request information from previous patient records and if, appropriate, interview spouses, partners, or family members. In collaboration with the adult/family, Dr. Procacci will design an individualized assessment and/or treatment plan. 


For the first session, Dr. Procacci asks that all clients/parents please complete and bring the following forms: